20-strings-Koto Player / Composer
GAYO Nakagaki
5 years old, began to play Koto
1990 completed NHK Fostering Program of Japanese Traditional Musicians
1993 graduated from Yokohama National University, majoring in Architecture and Building Science in the Faculty of Engineering
1996 won the audition of NHK Japanese Music
Gayo composes original songs and proactively collaborates with a variety of instruments and musicians in other genres. He is known as a 20 strings koto player who plays any kind of songs such as classical, jazz and pops.

“ The iron fist in the velvet glove”
Quoted from the August 2004 issue of Japanese Fashion Magazine, “Mrs.”.
The sounds Gayo plays are gentle and peacefully beautiful like dripping water drops. At the same time, in his delicate sounds, people can feel the power of his strong spirit as if it electrifies your heart. It is just like Gayo himself. People can feel his strong will in his elegant tone of voice and graceful manner. They say “ The iron fist in the velvet glove” to describe someone like Gayo in English. If you think Gayo's Koto is just a kind of trendy healing music, the “Iron fist” of his music will strike your heart.

Main Activities
: SHISEIDO Total Beauty Show, corroborated with Hajime Mizoguchi's violoncello
: SHISEIDO ZOTOS Millennium Hair Show in Bangkok "SAISON"
: "Club Roadster", sponsored by Cartier
: Cultural Exchange Event at Embassy of the Czech Republic, sponsored by Bvlgari
: Audi Hamamatsu 1st anniversary party / Audi Yamagata 1st anniversary party
: Performed at 73rd Geneva International Motor Show SUBARU Stand
: "Cartier Design viewed by Ettore Sottsass" Special Preview Reception at DAIGOJI Temple in Kyoto
: Reception of Baccarat 240th anniversary & Baccarat Pacific 20th anniversary at Embassy of France
: SWAROVSKI Crystal Society "Wonders of the Sea"
: BANG&OLUFSEN EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN Northern Europe Pavilion "Oasis in the North"
: Tribute at Punchbowl, Hawaii
: EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN "Japan Fashion Fantasy"
: TOYOTA Brazil
: JAEGER-LECOULTRE "Evening of charity auction & dinner"
: National Cultural Festival in Gunma Prefecture/Opera "Mizuchi"
: Reading Session "Kanawa" Vol.1&Vol.2 -from Onmyoji- at MANDARA Minami-Aoyama
: Composed for Meiji Kinenkan Web Page
: Composed Image music for Cartier Roadster
: Participated and performed Chinese Koto in Ennosuke Ichikawa's Super Kabuki "Shin-Sangokushi" / Music Director: Kazuhiko Kato
: Participated in Recording of Animation "Asagiri no Miko" / Music Producer: Tsuneyoshi Saito
: Participated in Recording of Animation "Inuyasha (Theatrical Film)" / Music: Kaoru Wada
: Participated in Recording of Animation "Tsubasa" / Music: Yuki Kajiura
: Participated in making the video promotion of Meiji Seika's "Maccha Flan"
: Participated in Recording of "Ama no Tsuzumi" by Flower Group of Takarazuka / Music Director: Tsuneo Saito
: played at the opening “ FINA Synchronized Swimming World Cup “TV Asahi
: Appeared in TV documentary program "Future EGG - Beauteous Men of Next Generation" on LaLaTV
: Appeared as a guest in TV music show "Daimei no Nai Ongakukai 21 (The Concert with No Title 21)" - Music of Moon/Everlasting Melodies
: Appeared in Radio Program "Young People who inherit the Tradition" on Radio Japan /NHK World
: Seven Seas
: MRS.

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